Ads and Affiliate Links

Thanks very much if you’ve whitelisted this site, your support is appreciated. :)

This blog survives financially by running Google Adsense ads and affiliate links from Amazon.

1. I do not allow in-text ads on this blog.

2. I do not allow interstitial ads or pop-ups/pop-unders.

3. When you click on an affiliate link such as one from Amazon, DLR receives a small cut of your purchase. This does not increase your cost in any way. I appreciate each and every purchase made through affiliate links, every little bit helps provide revenue to pay for the site’s costs and to put a few bucks in my pocket to pay my bills.

4. In the left sidebar  you will find a list of “Shop Amazon Deals” links that can save you quite a bit of money on computers, components and accessories. Please do check out those links and remember them whenever you need to buy computer stuff from Amazon. They are always there for you to use and will hopefully save you a lot of money.

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