Are you into Hot cougars? Here’s how to bang them (9 steps)

Have you found that you’ve become more and more interested in older women? Do you want to live out your fantasy of banging your buddy’s hot mom? Are you tired of seemingly dating the same girls and having the same conversations and having the same boring sex? Well if this is the case, it sounds like you need to start getting with cougars.

While you might have slayed with the younger ladies in the past, dating women who are older than you require a different kind of finesse. You’re not going to be able to impress them with your job or with compliments alone, you’re going to have to learn the art of seduction.

Here’s how to seduce a cougar into bed with you:

1. Know where to go to troll

You’re not going to find a cougar at a local college bar or the kind of bar with drink deals every night of the week. Well, if you do find a cougar there it probably isn’t going to be the one of your dreams.

You’re going to need to know where to go for cougars! Cougar bars have a very specific vibe. The drink specials will probably be named something as aggressive as Urban Decay names their makeup (they literally have shades named thing like “slut” and “virgin”, look for a place with that vibe).

The décor will probably be gaudy and there will probably be a ton of pink. Those are the bars you should target.
2. Buy her a drink… no, not a well drink

There are some moves that work on all age groups… buying a drink is one of those moves. But make sure you approach her first, ask her what she’s drinking, ask if you can buy her another one.

There is nothing more uncomfortable than a guy appearing out of nowhere with a drink in his hand insisting that he bought it just for you. Ew, gross. Buy her something nice and splurge for a middle tier liquor.

3. Know just what to say

DON’T MENTION AGE. You can ask what she does for a living and comment on how hard she must have worked to get there. You can ask questions like that which might age her, but don’t bring age into it unless you’re implying it’s a good thing.

4. A quick note on flirty body language

You need to make sure that your body language matches what you’re saying.
Face her, lean toward her when she talks, make eye contact, nod and practice active listening. Reach out and touch her when she says something funny or mentions a hardship.

5. Build sexual tension if she’s feelin’ it

Through a combination of strategic touches and brushes of fingertips you should start to build some physical tension. Throw a few sincere compliments, that don’t sound canned, her way and you should feel it mounting.
6. Hit her with the “Let’s get out of here”

Once she appears to be just as interested in you, ask if she’d like to go back to yours. Or if that seems too forward see if she wants you to escort her home… just to her door of course… and when she asks if you want to come in for a night cap, say yes.

7. If she’s not the type to fuck on the first date…

A lot of older women become suspicious when younger men approach them. So, it might take a second date before she’s willing to go home with you. That’s fine! Just make sure she goes home with your number and dinner plans for next week.  However, if you are looking cougars that are interested in fucking tonight, then head over to cougar dating hookup.  This is a more casual site to meet cougars on.

8. Take HER to dinner

While you might be hoping for a sugar mama situation, you need to prove that you’re not a child first. Pay when you go out for dinner or drinks. She might insist that she picks up the tab the next time, which is fine, but you need to show that you’re grown.

9. Rinse and repeat

Flirt your ass off. You might need to go for a third date, which is fine! Maybe you’ve landed yourself a fuck buddy at this point. But keep repeating the flirting instructions until she can’t resists the invitation back to your place.