Linux Mint Cinnamon 14

Linux Mint 14 was recently released. Linux Mint is based on Ubuntu, and offers the Cinnamon or MATE desktop environments. This review covers the Cinnamon version, you can read the MATE review here.

What’s New in Linux Mint Cinnamon 14

Here’s a sample of the new features in this release:

Ubuntu 12.10
Linux 3.5
Cinnamon 1.6
Workspace OSD
Windows Quick-List
Notifications Applet
Alt-Tab Thumbnails and Windows Previews
Better Sound Applet
Nemo File Browser in Cinnamon
MDM Improvements
Software Manager Changes
System Improvements
Artwork Updates

Linux Mint 14 Cinnamon Welcome
Linux Mint 14 Cinnamon Welcome

This release brings updates Linux Mint to Ubuntu 12.10 and Linux Kernel 3.5. If you aren’t familiar with Ubuntu 12.10, please see the review I wrote earlier about it.

Cinnamon 1.6 is a large update. There’s quite a lot of stuff in it, here’s a quick breakdown of some of them:

You can now name workspaces on your Cinnamon desktop. They are also persistent, so if you log out or shut down, your desktops will be there waiting for you when you come back. As someone who frequently uses multiple desktops, I love this. I can set up my workspaces with names for each task, and they are always there when I need to use them.

Workplace OSD
Workplace OSD

The Windows Quick-List applet is on by default, and is found at the far right end of the panel. It’s a useful applet since you can see all of your windows, across all of your workspaces. This makes it easy to switch between windows regardless of which workspace you use.

Window Quick-List
Window Quick-List

There’s a notifications applet available as well in Linux Mint 14 Cinnamon. I’m glad to see this since it’s a pain to keep track of them in each application. It’s easier to have them all in one place.

Notifications will appear, then disappear after a few seconds.

Notifications Applet
Notifications Applet

You can customize the Alt-Tab Thumbnails and Windows Previews by going into Cinnamon’s Settings and clicking on Windows. You can choose from the following options:

Icons and Thumbnails
Icons and Windows Previews
Windows Previews

Alt-Tab Thumbnails and Window Previews
Alt-Tab Thumbnails and Window Previews

The Sound applet has the following improvements:

More space for album artwork
Volume slider shows visible percentage (and amplification is now limited to 100%)
Mute buttons and tooltips for sound and microphone

Improved Sound Applet
Improved Sound Applet

Cinnamon 1.6 also has its own file browser called Nemo. Nemo is a fork of Nautilus. The Linux Mint developers give a detailed explanation here on why they felt it necessary to fork Nautilus. I found their reasoning compelling, and I think it was a good decision for Linux Mint Cinnamon 14 users.

Nemo File Manager
Nemo File Manager

There’s more to Cinnamon 1.6 than I can cover here, here’s a sampling of other features. You can get more info about Cinnamon 1.6 here.

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