Kubuntu Linux 9.10

The latest version of Kubuntu comes with social networking desktop widgets.

Last week I took a look at the latest release of Ubuntu. This week I thought it would be great to continue with Kubuntu Linux 9.10. For those who aren’t familiar with Kubuntu, it’s basically the KDE version of Ubuntu (Ubuntu uses Gnome as its desktop environment).

Before I get into this review, I wanted to note the ongoing server problems DLR has been having. Please accept my apologies if you’ve been trying to access DLR or the DLR forum. DLR is growing and the additional traffic has caused some server overloads. My hosting company will be moving DLR to a more robust server (hopefully this week) and that might help. I have also installed the WP Supercache plugin. I thank all of you for your patience while we get the server/bandwidth issues worked out.

Ubuntu Linux 9.10 (Karmic Koala)

Ubuntu 9.10's desktop is clean and clutter-free.

Since the launch of Desktop Linux Reviews, I’ve covered a number of different remastered versions of Ubuntu Linux. But I haven’t done a review of Ubuntu itself. I wanted to wait until there was a significant enough release as I’d done a review for ExtremeTech back when I was a full-time employee there.

I’m happy to note that Ubuntu Linux has hit version 9.10 and has some nifty new features that make it worth reviewing here.

Easy Peasy Linux 1.5

Easy Peasy has a unique netbook-oriented interface.

I don’t own a netbook but I’ve always been fascinated by the operating systems that run on them. Whether it’s a version of Windows, Linux or something else it intrigues me to know what folks are running on their netbooks. So when I ran into Easy Peasy Linux, I just could not resist doing a […]

Parsix Linux 3.0

Parsix Linux features a somewhat bland but very functional Gnome desktop.

The very first review I wrote for Desktop Linux Reviews was Parsix Linux 2.0. Well I’m pleased to note that Parsix Linux 3.0 has just been released and I couldn’t resist doing a review of this update. When I first launched DLR I had no idea how well the blog would be received or if […]

Kahel OS Linux

The login screen has the familiar orange coloring of the desktop.

Once again another interesting suggestion was recently made on the Request A Review page by a reader so I thought I’d follow up and do a review. This time around it’s Kahel OS. My thanks to reader Molen for the suggestion to review this distro. Kahel OS is a remastered version of Arch Linux. Arch […]

Absolute Linux 13.0.2

Absolute Linux features a well organized but rather bland looking desktop.

I always admire the effort made by developers to take a version of Linux that isn’t particularly friendly to desktop users and tame it a bit thus making it available to a wider audience. Absolute Linux is one such distro as it is based on Slackware. Slackware isn’t exactly known as a “newbie-friendly” version of […]

Sabayon Linux 5

Black is beautiful and the Sabayon Linux desktop is bathed in black.

Sabayon Linux is a remastered version of Gentoo Linux. I first took a look at it when I was writing for ExtremeTech, back when Sabayon Linux was in version 4.1. This latest release is version 5.0. Gentoo, as you may already be aware, has long had a reputation for not being particularly friendly to folks […]

Puppy Linux 4.3

Puppy Linux has a cute (albeit a bit bland) desktop wallpaper.

One of the nicest things about Linux is its sheer versatility. There are so many different versions of Linux that serve different purposes including being able to take it with you wherever you go. No, I’m not talking about on a laptop or even on a netbook. I’m talking about being able to stick it […]

Trisquel 3.0 STS Linux (Dwyn)

Trisquel features a clean but rather bland desktop.

I came across another interesting Linux distribution today called Trisquel Linux. Trisquel is geared more toward Linux purists since it focuses on providing truly free software without any non-free stuff. Here’s some background from Wikipedia about Trisquel Linux including an explanation of where its name comes from: “Trisquel GNU/Linux is a version of the GNU […]

moonOS 3 Linux (Makara)

moonOS 3 features a stunningly beautiful desktop theme.

There have been a lot of different remastered versions of Ubuntu created over the years. Occasionally though I find one that stands out from the pack and that offers an entirely unique experience. moonOS 3 is a remaster created in Cambodia by a Cambodian artist called Chanrithy Thim. There are two versions of moonOS, the […]

DesktopBSD 1.7

DesktopBSD is a nice alternative to the usual desktop Linux distros.

Although the official name of this blog is Desktop Linux Reviews, we will occasionally be looking at non-Linux operating systems too. Such is the case with DesktopBSD 1.7 which is a version of the FreeBSD operating system. DesktopBSD is, as you can tell from its name, geared toward desktop users. Here’s some background on FreeBSD […]

Lin-X Linux 1.1

The Lin-X login screen features an apple logo complete with a skull and crossed swords.

In my last review I took a look at a distro that looked like Windows Vista. This week I got an interesting suggestion on the Request A Review page from Jai Ho about a distro called Lin-X. Lin-X is a remastered version of Ubuntu designed to look and feel like Mac OS X. Lin-X has […]

Vixta Linux 2009.7

The Vixta Linux desktop is, for the most part, a blend of KDE and Windows Vista.

A lot of Windows users have considered switching to Linux and usually when they do switch it means getting used to a whole new look and feel on their desktop computers. Usually it involves picking Gnome or KDE or perhaps one of the light-weight window managers for their desktop environment. But what happens when Linux […]

Vine Linux 5

The Vine Linux desktop features a gorgeous flower or vine as the wallpaper.

I keep an eye on Distrowatch frequently to see what distributions have been released and I’m always downloading this one or that one. Some make it onto DLR as a review and some don’t. Today I snagged Vine Linux and thought it would be fun to look at something from Japan. I’m normally somewhat reticent […]

SimplyMEPIS Linux 8.0


Certain distributions tend to get more press than others. SimplyMEPIS isn’t one of the ones that gets drooled over by the media the way that Linux Mint, Ubuntu and others do. I include myself in this as a journalist since this blog has been up and running since early July and I’m just now getting […]