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aptosid 2010-02

September 23, 2010
Screen shot 2010-09-15 at 5.52.01 PM

I recently reviewed Linux Mint Debian, a very user-friendly version of Linux Mint based on Debian. This time I looked at another distro based on Debian, called aptosid. Aptosid, for those who aren't familiar with it, is actually made by the same developers that created the popular distro Sidux. There was apparently some conflict and...
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Linux Mint 9 Xfce

September 14, 2010

Last week I looked at the Debian version of Linux Mint. This time around I'm going to cover the Xfce version; this review was actually partly written before the release of the Debian version. I cast it aside and jumped into the Debian version, but I wanted to get this one done this week...
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Linux Mint Debian Edition

September 7, 2010
Backup Tool

Each time Ubuntu is updated, we get also get another version of Linux Mint. I usually end up reviewing most of the Linux Mint derivatives of Ubuntu. This time around though, we've gotten a delightful surprise from the Linux Mint developers. A Debian version of Linux Mint! Yes, there is now a rolling release...
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North Korea Linux (Red Star OS)

August 23, 2010
Tux, in full communist regalia. Oh my!

There was an announcement a while back that North Korea had come out with its own version of Linux (called Red Star OS). I dropped by the official North Korean site, and found their contact information. I sent a polite email asking for a download link for their distro, but I never heard back...
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Kubuntu Netbook Edition 10.04 Review

August 19, 2010

Due to a screw up on my end, the wrong URL went out with the review earlier. Here is the correct URL: http://desktoplinuxreviews.com/2010/05/29/kubuntu-netbook-edition-10-04/ My apologies if you ended up at this page. :blush: :blink:
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openSUSE 11.3

August 17, 2010

SUSE Linux was one of my very first distros; I used to buy it from CompUSA and other places back when I first got started with Linux. These days, of course, one can simply use openSUSE instead of buying it at a store. This week I decided to look at openSUSE 11.3, the latest...
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Linux Mint 9 KDE (Isadora)

August 5, 2010
Network Manager

The last review I did of Linux Mint 9 covered the GNOME version. This week it's time to look at the KDE version. Linux Mint 9 KDE is based on Kubuntu 10.04. This release includes KDE Plasma Desktop 4.4 and Linux Kernel 2.3.2. The Linux Mint developers did a great job with this release,...
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Peppermint Ice

July 18, 2010
Facebook running in an Ice SSB.

Peppermint OS made quite a splash when I reviewed it. Many people had never heard of it, and there was a lot of curiosity about a web-oriented remaster of Ubuntu. Some time has passed and there's a related version that has been released. This new distro is called Peppermint Ice. Why is it called...
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Ubuntu Satanic Edition 10.04 (Lucifer’s Legion)

July 2, 2010
Launching Firefox will take you to hell on the web! (The Satanic Portal)

It has been ages since I delved into the nightmarish and barbaric world of Ubuntu Satanic Edition. Much has changed since I first dared to install it back when I worked for ExtremeTech. Is Ubuntu Satanic Edition still as evil as it used to be? Find out in this review as I take you...
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Lubuntu 10.04

June 12, 2010
Chromium is the default browser in Lubuntu 10.04.

In previous reviews, I looked at the latest versions of Ubuntu and Kubuntu. Now it's time to look at a lightweight alternative to both of them, Lubuntu. Lubuntu uses the Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment (LXDE) instead of the chunkier GNOME or KDE desktops. Lubuntu 10.04 is not an official derivative of Ubuntu; it is not...
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