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Ultimate Edition 3.5

January 8, 2013
Ultimate Edition 3.5

Does size matter when it comes to Linux distros? Well, it very well might when it comes to Ultimate Edition 3.5. There's nothing subtle about this distro. Everything about it screams over the top, from the color scheme to the range of software included with it.
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Ultimate Edition 2.8

October 27, 2010
The Live DVD Desktop

Earlier this week I wrote a quick look over on EOL about Super OS 10.10. Super OS...well...it didn't exactly live up to its name, though it does have its place among the many Ubuntu remasters out there. I ran into another distro though that does a more credible job of living up to its...
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Ultimate Edition Linux 2.5

January 3, 2010
The Ultimate Edition 2.5 desktop using the UE 2.5 Gold theme.

Some Linux distros sell themselves by being minimalistic. They only come with a limited range of apps and everything is geared toward keeping the file size and hardware requirements absolutely minimal. Then there's Ultimate Edition 2.5. Ultimate Edition leans the other way and throws in everything including the kitchen sink. Ultimate Edition 2.5 is based...
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