Edubuntu 13.10

Ubuntu comes in many flavors, and it’s designed for very different kinds of users. Edubuntu 13.10 is an Ubuntu spin for educators. It comes preloaded with quite a selection of education-related applications including some for science and engineering.

While this release does not have much in the way of new features, it’s worth looking at since it differs so much from the other Ubuntu spins. It also adds real value for those who want a distribution focused on learning rather than just a general desktop.

Here’s the official description from the Edubuntu site:

Edubuntu is a grassroots movement, we aim to get Ubuntu into schools, homes and communities and make it easy for users to install and maintain their systems.

We are students, teachers, parents and hackers who believe that learning and knowledge should be available to everyone who wants to improve themselves and the world around them.

Our aim is to put together a system that contains all the best free software available in education and make it easy to install and maintain.

Edubuntu 13.10 Preinstall Boot Menu
Edubuntu 13.10 Preinstall Boot Menu

What’s New in Edubuntu 13.10
Here’s a sample of the new features in this release:

Unity: 7.1.2
LibreOffice: 4.1.2
Firefox: 24.0
Thunderbird: 24.0
Linux: 3.11
Upstart: 1.10
Python 3.3.2

System Requirements for Ubuntu 13.10
Here’s what you’ll need to run this distro:

A Pentium 4, 1GHz system is the minimum recommended for a desktop system.

Install TypeRAM (minimal)RAM (recommended)Hard Drive
No desktop64 megabytes256 megabytes1 gigabyte
With Desktop64 megabytes512 megabytes5 gigabytes

Edubuntu 13.10 Download
You can download Edubuntu 13.10 from this page. The file I downloaded weighed in at 2.97 GB, so it’s not one of the smaller Ubuntu downloads. However, it does come with quite a bit of software. You can also get Edubuntu 13.10 in 32-bit or 64-bit versions. I used the 64-bit version for this review.

If you’re a distrohopper then you might want to try it in a virtual machine via VirtualBox before running it on real hardware.

Edubuntu 13.10 Installation
Edubuntu 13.10 uses the Ubuntu installer. It’s very easy to install though it does take longer for the install to finish than the regular Ubuntu 13.10 distro.

The installer gives you the option of installing the GNOME 3.0 fallback interface, as well as LTSP (the Linux Terminal Server Project). You can also remove educational application packages during the install if you want. This gives educators some flexibility and control over which kinds of learning applications are installed by default.

Once the install begins, you can view slides that provide information about some of the learning applications included with Edubuntu 13.10. If you’ve never used this distro, I recommend looking at the slideshow as it’s a good primer on the applications you’ll be using once the install finishes.

Edubuntu 13.10 Install Prepare
Edubuntu 13.10 Install Prepare
Edubuntu 13.10 Install Type
Edubuntu 13.10 Install Type
Edubuntu 13.10 Install Options Part 1
Edubuntu 13.10 Install Options Part 1
Edubuntu 13.10 Install Options Part 2
Edubuntu 13.10 Install Options Part 2
Edubuntu 13.10 Slideshow
Edubuntu 13.10 Slideshow

The Edubuntu 13.10 Desktop

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4 thoughts on “Edubuntu 13.10

  1. I don’t have Ubuntu for learning. But games to help with memory.
    I have Ubuntu for Linux. It was great until I couldn’t play my games in a site I go to everyday. All because of Adobe. I want to lose Ubuntu and I heard Mint will work on that site I go to everyday.
    I don’t know that much about Linux and Mint and about downloads, nor do I see why because of Adobe I can’t play my games.

    I need help finding a way to dl Mint(which Mint version) and find out why all of a sudden because of Adobe I can’t play certain games.

  2. What about the educational software that’s already installed? You don’t say much about it other than “Excellent selection of educational software”. What age group(s) is it aimed at? Is it good from a teaching/learning angle? Did you try it on any kids? I don’t mean to complain but this reads like just another review of Ubuntu…

    1. Hi Andy, thanks for the note.

      I’m not a teacher so I can’t comment on which groups of students the software has been created for, you can see a list of the default apps in the software section.

      The review was meant to be an overview of the distro, not a review of the applications that come bundled with it. Sorry.

      There are also a lot more education apps in the Ubuntu Software Center so check those out as well.

    2. BTW, if you look at the Install Options Part 2 screenshot in the install section, there are options to customize Edubuntu for a particular group of students. So that would help you if you just want applications in Edubuntu for certain grade levels.

      Here’s a link to the screenshot:

      Or just scroll up to the installer section.

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