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Bodhi 1.0
Bodhi 1.0

Bodhi 1.0

Hardware Requirements & Installation

Hardware Requirements

Here’s what you’ll need to run this distro:

300mhz i386 Processor
128megs of RAM
1.5g HD space


Bodhi Linux is a live distro so you don’t need to install it to check it out. You can just pop the DVD into your system and boot off of it to try Bodhi Linux.

If you do decide to install it, you will find it’s quite easy since Bodhi uses the Ubuntu installer. You can watch a slideshow during the install as well. The screenshots below walk you through the install, from beginning to end.

Install 1Install 1

Install 2Install 2

Install 3Install 3

Install 4Install 4

Install 5Install 5

Install 6Install 6

Install 7Install 7

Install 8Install 8

Next, I’ll look at the bootsplash and login screens, and I’ll cover what the desktop has to offer.