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CrunchBang 11 Waldorf

May 21, 2013
CrunchBang 11 Waldorf

CrunchBang 11 has been released so it’s time for a review. I last looked at CrunchBang back in 2009. Wow! Has it been that long? I’m pleased to report that CrunchBang 11 didn’t disappoint in any way. If you aren’t familiar with it, Crunchbang 11 is a distro based on Debian. It uses the...
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CrunchBang Linux 9.04.01

July 10, 2009
Picture 3

Sometimes great minds think alike, there’s just no doubt about it. When I heard of the release of CrunchBang Linux I knew I had to do a review of it here on DLR. And when I got up this morning I noticed that there was a post by Brian Masinick in Request A Review...
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