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Kahel OS

KahelOS (050110)

May 6, 2010
Kahel OS is an install-only distro, there is no Live CD functionality.

I first took a look at KahelOS back in October 2009. There's a new release out now so it's time to look at it again. KahelOS is essentially a remastered version of Arch Linux. Arch Linux has always had a reputation as being somewhat inaccessible to average desktop users, and KahelOS is an attempt to...
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Kahel OS Linux

October 16, 2009
The login screen has the familiar orange coloring of the desktop.

Once again another interesting suggestion was recently made on the Request A Review page by a reader so I thought I’d follow up and do a review. This time around it’s Kahel OS. My thanks to reader Molen for the suggestion to review this distro. Kahel OS is a remastered version of Arch Linux....
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