Mandriva Linux 2010 (Free)

One of the distributions I almost always get calls for reviews of is Mandriva. Well I’m happy to say that Mandriva Linux 2010 was recently released and I decided to put it at the top of my review list. Mandriva comes in the following editions:

Mandriva Powerpack 2010
Mandriva One 2010
Mandriva Free 2010

For this review I picked the Mandriva Linux 2010 (Free) version. This version contains 100% free software and weighs in at a chunky 4.3GB when you download it. Now please understand that I am not a “free software fanatic” type at all. I have no problem using distros that have some proprietary software blended into them but I like to use one that doesn’t have that stuff every once in a while.

Mandriva Linux One 2009.0 (KDE)

I got another review request recently, this time for Mandriva Linux. So I snagged a copy of Mandriva Linux One (a free download) and thought I’d give it a whirl. I picked the KDE version as I wanted to spend more time playing with KDE.Mandriva Linux comes in a number of different versions:Mandriva Linux Free […]