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MoonOS 4 Neake

January 17, 2011
Live CD Desktop

It's been quite a while since I last looked at MoonOS. MoonOS is another Ubuntu-based derivative. The last review covered version 3.0, this time around it's MoonOS 4.0. MoonOS is a bit off the beaten track in terms of Linux distros, but it might be worth looking at if you are a fan of...
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moonOS 3 Linux (Makara)

September 10, 2009
moonOS 3 features a stunningly beautiful desktop theme.

There have been a lot of different remastered versions of Ubuntu created over the years. Occasionally though I find one that stands out from the pack and that offers an entirely unique experience. moonOS 3 is a remaster created in Cambodia by a Cambodian artist called Chanrithy Thim. There are two versions of moonOS,...
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