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Sabayon 6

July 4, 2011

The last time I looked at Sabayon Linux it was up to version 5, this time around it's version 6. Sabayon Linux is based on Gentoo and, as you may already know, Gentoo has not always been considered the easiest version of desktop Linux for non-technical users to install and use. Sabayon Linux does...
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Sabayon Linux 5

October 7, 2009
Black is beautiful and the Sabayon Linux desktop is bathed in black.

Sabayon Linux is a remastered version of Gentoo Linux. I first took a look at it when I was writing for ExtremeTech, back when Sabayon Linux was in version 4.1. This latest release is version 5.0. Gentoo, as you may already be aware, has long had a reputation for not being particularly friendly to...
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