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Advertisements and Affiliate Links
Here’s some information about the ads on this blog.

1. I do not allow in-text ads on this blog.

2. I do not allow interstitial ads or pop-ups/pop-unders.

3. When you click on an affiliate link such as one from Amazon, this blog receives a small cut of your purchase. This does not increase your cost in any way. I appreciate each and every purchase made through affiliate links, every little bit helps provide revenue to pay for the site’s costs and to put a few bucks in my pocket to pay my bills.

Ad Blockers
I fully respect your right to block all ads in your browser. That is completely a personal decision and I have no problem if you prefer an ad-free experience on this blog (though I always appreciate being whitelisted…thanks again you if you’ve done that already). However, please be aware that some ad blockers may block Amazon links and may otherwise affect the display of the site.

So if something looks off you might want to try temporarily disabling your ad blocker to see if that fixes it. Any problems with the site or links being displayed is not intentional on my part, but some ad blockers do change things significantly so please be aware of it. I’ve had some readers be confused about why certain links were missing in posts and in the sidebar, and I had to explain why this was happening.

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Thanks for taking the time to read this, your feedback in the comments below is welcome.