Pear OS 8

It’s often said that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. If that’s the case then the developer of Pear OS 8 truly loves Apple and its products. Pear OS 8 is probably the closest thing any Linux user will ever come to getting a Linux distribution from Apple.

Pear OS 8 blends the look and feel of Mac OS X and iOS 7 into Ubuntu. I know that the very idea of this will probably shock some Linux users. Apple is probably the exact opposite of Linux in terms of openness and so making a Linux distribution that essentially mimics Apple’s products might be considered over the top, to say the least. Some might even think that the Pear OS 8 developer jumped the shark in a big way.

But there might also be folks out there who would appreciate a desktop Linux distribution molded in the likeness of OS X and iOS 7. So Pear OS 8 might be very appealing indeed to them.

Pear OS 8 Boot Menu
Pear OS 8 Boot Menu

What’s New in Pear OS 8
I was not able to locate a list of new features for Pear OS 8. The closest I could come was this page on the Pear OS site. If you have a full list of new features, please post it in the comments below. Thanks.

Pear OS 8 Cloud
Pear OS 8 Cloud

System Requirements for Pear OS 8
I also could not find a defined list of system requirements for Pear OS 8. This, along with a complete list of new features, is something that the Pear OS developer should consider adding to their site.

Linux Mint is an excellent model for this, the Linux Mint developers always make it very easy for users and reviewers to know what’s new and what is required to run the new distribution.

Since Pear OS 8 is based on Ubuntu, use that as a baseline for system requirements for this release.

Pear OS 8 Download
You can download Pear OS 8 from this page. The file I downloaded weighed in at 1.13 GB. Pear OS 8 is available in 32-bit or 64-bit versions. I used the 64-bit version for this review.

If you’re a distrohopper then you might want to try it in a virtual machine via VirtualBox before running it on real hardware.

Pear OS 8 Installation
Pear OS 8 uses the Ubuntu installer, so it’s quite easy and fast to install it. You can download updates and add third party software during your install.

Pear OS 8 is also a live distribution, so you can run it off a disc before actually doing an install on your computer.

Pear OS 8 Live Desktop
Pear OS 8 Live Desktop
Pear OS 8 Install Prepare
Pear OS 8 Install Prepare
Pear OS 8 Install Type
Pear OS 8 Install Type
Pear OS 8 Login
Pear OS 8 Login

The Pear OS 8 Desktop

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28 thoughts on “Pear OS 8

  1. Im impressed by its speed. Takes a little while to get it how you want… LibreOffice was tricky to install but after purging, installing ptyhon uno I got it installed – Most the info you need to fix any broken packages is on google…

    I installed ubuntu tweak to give me a few more options so I could add icons to the desktop. Also found you can search for an app in the top bar and once loader add it to the Dock. The Launcher isnt the best way to find open apps.

    I prefer this to Mint which is saying something as Mint is really stable… This seems as good and faster.
    Maybe worth looking at adding more repositories when you install it as well.

  2. Does anyone know how to udate adobe flash player? I am using Pear Os8. When I try to install flash player it asks which version to install:
    YUM for Linux,
    rpm or
    APT for Ubuntu 10.04
    I think I must choose the last one but I am not sure I am new with Linux. Please help. Thank you

    1. Use APT… Pear OS is based on Ubuntu, so most apps that work on it, will work on the Pear OS.

      Just as in TLOR, Isengard has been destroyed (the Pear OS site is no longer available).

  3. Desde que conoci a Linux me interese en sus distros.pues sus colaboradores son muy “profesionales” que buzcan satisfaser la necesidad de los usuarios en computacion.
    Hablando especificamente de “Pear 8″, me gusto bastante en todo,nadamas espero sus mejoras,porque este que salio a distribucion es un Beta,como sistema operativo cuenta con lo basico.

  4. I tried fedora, ubuntu, pear, and many other distros. Finally I decide to permanently use pear 8 to replace windows on the old machines.

  5. i’m using Pear OS 8, i have used Windows, Mac OS, Ubuntu, and Linux Mint, i can say all additions from way back as 2005 when i first had access to computers, what i can say is that its a nice OS, does not overburden my laptop

  6. Look at “Pear OS 8 Launchpad” above. You have access to 21 apps in it, and the rest cannot be opened through this Launcher. There should be 3 pages of it, rather than just one.
    You have not done your homework, Mr. Lynch!

  7. Good review. Cover well what I spot too on the distro. That said, I like it so much that I installed it on my main computer. I am very please with it. It is clean looking and very stable for me. No major issues beside the regular Linux not loading remote windows share drives, grrr… but at least Linux shares are easy to setup. In all in all, this is by far the nicest I have seen. Better imo then Elementary. So if they work more on it, it is the first one which I can see finally pulling Linux out of oblivion on the desktop. That is if Apple bulldogs don’t go after the developer.

    1. Somehow I do not understand why they want to create a competing Linux distro. Why not just team up with Elementary developers, since they seem to share the same mind set? It’s all this fragmentation in Linux world that is the reason no more people are using it in the first place.

      Personally, I couldn’t care less about the name of the OS… I’m interested in functionality.

  8. Gravedigger, win8.1? Really? A friend gave it to me, a week later I gave it back and haven’t spoken to him since! lol. XP and win7 are the only two time Bill got it mostly right. But 8.1, yuck

    1. Windows 8.1 is an upgrade to Windows 8 which fixes a lot of the issues that many people have had with that operating system, but it’s still a big change to a lot of users. I had to switch back to Windows 8 since my laptop had issues with 8.1 and ASUS doesn’t support this laptop with newer operating systems.

      I’ve used Windows since the beginning and thought that 95, 98, XP and 7 were all worthwhile versions (Me, Vista and 8 all had issues…)

  9. I agree with Gravedigger, it is buggy software. First time I used Clean My Pear, OS7 fatally crashed and I had to reinstall the thing as it was dead in the water. I use win7 and Ubuntu 12.04 on my pc and LXLE on my laptop. Now if you want an OS that is prettier than Elementary, as pretty as Pear OS8 BUT works on any pc, new or old, with no hassles, LXLE. Try it on a VM, it’s great IMHO.

  10. Check our elementary Os. CUrrent version is Luna. Its looks like Mac Os in a Linux way, very stable and enjoyable linux distribution based on Debian. :)

  11. Well, if this is Version 8, then the developers have gotten away with mimicking Apple software, perhaps they have not managed to get on the “radar” of the company. (If that is the case, it might be good if this blog doesn’t have any Apple company readers, otherwise, game over).

    I do not recall using previous releases of Pear OS, but perhaps this one would merit a look. I don’t have anything against the appearance or the consistency of the Apple interface, though I do have issues with using free software, but then inhibiting others from using modifications to the software, which has happened in some cases.

    Apple has contributed one really useful technology: the original Webkit, which was a modification of KDE’s KHTML, since heavily modified mostly by Google.

    I have to wonder, though: if this distribution merits only a 3 out of 5 on a rating scale, that’s only 60%, not very good at all. I’ll have to think about whether or not I choose to give this one a look.

    What do others think about this or previous versions of Pear OS? Based on the few responses here so far, not too much. I may take that into account, or I may try it out myself; depends on how much time I have available to test software in the next couple of weeks.

    1. While Pear is an attempt to mimic the look of OS X, it isn’t a very good attempt. No regular OS X user would be fooled. Presumably, if Apple is aware of Pear, it doesn’t care enough to make a fuss. Or, its lawyers think the resemblance isn’t close enough to make a winnable case.

      I see it as one of many Ubuntu derivatives. I tried Pear 7 and didn’t see anything to push me away, or to keep me around.

    2. I left Mate 13 which froze too often for this newby, the same when I used OS7. Looked nice but not worth the reboots. Went back to Ubuntu 12.04 and the only problem I have had since is Ubuntu’s old version of Wine.

      Why use an OS with a generous (going by OS7) 60% review when under the hood ut is Ubuntu anyway?

      Apple couldn’t care about Pear OS, but if Ubuntu was to try mimicing OS X?

  12. It’s a superficial attempt to mimic the appearance of the OS X desktop on a Ubuntu base.

    I suppose uninformed Linux users who think OS X is simply all about eye candy will think that’s all there is to it. But, there are none of the OS X-specific capabilities that distinguish that product.

  13. I have installed PearOS7 for a friend. It looks good, as does 8, but we had problems. The worst was when the desktop locked and we were unable to access anything that wasn’t already on the launcher. In the end I installed Cinnamon and he’s very happy.

    I hope PearOS8 has those issues fixed.

  14. While it appears to be a promising distro, I’ve had nothing but problems with Pear OS 6/7/8 – it’s too easy to break the Pear-specific apps, the distro freezes at various times and when you try to update the distro you can find that some of the installed apps don’t work. It really needs to install an office suite by default and it’s not as functional as elementary OS.

    I’m currently running a multi-boot system using Windows 8.1, Ubuntu, Linux Mint, elementary OS and Deepin Linux on my laptop. I’ve played with Pear and attempted to use it and Zorin OS as an additional Linux install, but the issues I’ve had with Pear have discouraged me from keeping it on the machine.

    Maybe next time…

  15. If my eyes aren’t failing me, the bar on top is elementary’s wingpanel and the launcher itself is slingshot, right? So the is basically just Elementary OS with some themes thrown on top?

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