Install XFCE Theme Manager 0.3.4 in Xubuntu 13.10

XFCE Theme Manager is a useful tool if you want to customize your XFCE desktop theme.

How to Install XFCE Theme Manager 0.3.4 in Xubuntu 13.10
1. Open a terminal window.

2. Type in the following commands then hit Enter after each.

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:rebuntu16/other-stuff

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install xfce-theme-manager

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Xfce Theme Manager
Xfce Theme Manager

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4 thoughts on “Install XFCE Theme Manager 0.3.4 in Xubuntu 13.10

  1. Just wanted to add the data point that these instructions also work in Linux Mint 16 XFCE.

    Also: ditto on geekzster’s note re: the typo.

  2. It seems like the last command has a typo.

    The command

    “sudo apt-get install install xfce-theme-manager”

    should probably be:
    “sudo apt-get install xfce-theme-manager”

    where the duplicate of “install” occurs twice, it only needs to be there once.

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